Client Testimonials

”Thank-you for all your hard work Linda. Darren, Kruger and I appreciate the personal care and attention you gave us in helping find our home. We know that you cared that we find the right place and that made the whole grueling process a little easier and the tours much more enjoyable. We love our home.” Jodie

Jodie B.

I am definitely still enjoying my home. I am still very thankful that I had you as my help in finding my house! 🙂 I always pass your name to anyone I know who is thinking of buying a home in Calgary. I was very pleased with your service.

I’ll contact you first for sure when and if I ever plan to sell my home as well. I think you would be perfect for the job.

Jade Brunes

“It was a pleasure to have you help our daughter find a suitable home in Calgary, with us in Vancouver we initially were so unsure and you made the whole process so comfortable. I completely trust your judgment and assistance. Thanks again” .

Meline Aghakian

I believe you did/are doing well, and a good reflection of that is the reason why I have referred two of my friends to you so far –I was impressed with the fact that you know the Real Estate industry/business quite well, you seem to have almost everything at your finger tips.Your detailed analyses of issues are quite impressive and it’s a big plus for your clients, and you come across as someone with good intents in your advice.


Etim Akan

Thanks for all of your help in helping us find the right house and selling our home. We really appreciate your help and we have never looked back. Thanks to you it was the right decision”. 

Linda Davidson